MLS online

education rulebook



  • My English Lab platform 30% 
  • Test average 50% 
  • Oral exam 20% 
  1. Student responsibilities

Standards that must be accomplished for the proper development of the teaching-learning process:  

a. The student must:

  1. Keep awareof the activities to be carried out during the academic term and work on the platform the necessary time to cover the learning objectives (at least two hours per day).  
  2. Complete all tasks on the virtual platform “MyEnglishLab”, forums and activities detailed by the academic program andbythe teacher, within the established time. Failure to complete the assignments on time will lead to fail the course (remember that the platform assignments are the 30% of the final score). 
  3. Notify the teacherby written document if, for any exceptional reason, he/she finds him/herself in a special circumstance that did not lead him/her to continue with the course, so that he/she can receive instructions about what to do. 
  4. Make sure to getthebook in advance and join to the teacher’s classroom in MyEnglishLab platform. This process is the sole responsibility of the student. If the student fails to do so within the established periods, he/she will lose the grades corresponding to the work week without the option to recover the score. 

5.- It is the student’s responsibility to have all the technical resources (computer and internet) to guarantee his/her performance during the class periods.   

  1. Review theschedulesand all files uploaded in the corresponding Microsoft Team group so that the due time will be respected in each activity. (Assignments and exams). Remember that the schedule might change according to the Institution needs. 
  2. In case of not being able to attendto the videoconference, it is the student’s responsibility to review the recording of the videoconference that will be available in the Microsoft Teams channel. Remember that attendance is not taken in class.  

8.- In case of not being able to take the exam due to exceptional situations, the student must justify this situation with the teacher in charge. Technical difficulties are not reasons for justification since it is the student’s responsibility. 

b. The student must not: 

  1. Upload,post or transmit any illegal, threatening, abusive, malicious, offending, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, privacy invasive, racial or ethnically unacceptable files, and/or any other content that gives rise to civil or criminal charges.  
  2. interfereor interrupt the education service, disobeying the requirements, procedures, policies, and regulations. 
  3. bullyor persecute another. 
  4. Collect or store personal data about other users.

NOTE: The teacher in charge of the course shall have the right to remove any content and suspend the participant(s) who violates these rules. 

II. Course dropout policies

  1. Under no circumstances is there any possibility of receiving a refund of the registration fee for dropping and/or failing the course.
  2. The participant who does not complete the activities or does not communicatetothe teacher any inconvenient within one week, he/she will be cancelled and excluded from the Virtual Classroom and will be considered as a dropout.  
  3. If for some reason or special circumstanceout ofcontrol (e.g. health reasons), a participant will be unable to continue with the course and communicates it immediately to his/her teacher, within one week after beginning the course, the MLS Management will evaluate the participant’s condition and may grant him/her, considering his/her performance up to that moment, the privilege of reserving a place for him/her in the subsequent edition of the course. 

III. Rights and Intellectual Property 

  1. The information contained in the teachersand participants profiles, with their e-mail addresses and personal data, are for the exclusive use of the training task that takes place on the virtual platform.  
  2. It is not allowed tosharethis information to third parties or use it for other reasons than those strictly included in the academic activities. 
  3. The MEL platform maintains the copyright and intellectual property rights of the contents of the course, its teaching-learningdesign, and the interactive platform of the virtual classroom.  
  4. It is not allowed to reproduce, distribute, or modify any content of this course.“Content” is defined as all information, graphics, sound files, video files, photos, information processing, and in general, any type of accessible material that integrates the course. The use of the content is expressly limited to the educational purposes.  
  5. Itis allowed to store the contents in personal computers only for learning, study, reflection, research or reference purposes, as long as the source will be properly cited.  
  6. It is strictly forbidden to store content for commercial purposes or for transmission to other people, media, or institutions. The use of multiple copies of the content requires expressly documented authorization.